Hotcourses Group

Founded in London in 1996 as a educational print magazine, Hotcourses has grown to become a fully digital and multinational operation with over 300 employees in offices in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Every year we inspire and support people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to make the right educational choice for their futures. This enables schools, colleges and universities throughout the world to recruit students, as well as be financially secure and culturally diverse. We believe that education is transformative, which is why we create an environment that fosters personal growth with exceptional learning and development opportunities for our employees. We inspire people to learn for a better future We provide future students with unique online tools and informative content, from the early stages of research, right the way through to securing a place at an institution. Our customers benefit from market intelligence to help them better understand prospective students and domestic and international student trends. We then provide platforms for them to influence and connect with these future students, all the way through to enrolment. Our technology enables our customers to track enrolled students back to Hotcourses products, helping to determine their return on investment.