Executive Social Media Coaching

Bespoke social media services, exclusively for executives & leaders. Whether you are searcing for a new position, managing your online reputation management, or just want to ensure you have the right knowledge to keep yourself relevent, we can offer bespoke social media support from a qualified executive level coach. Whilst the social media training will enevitably focus on LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter and Facebook, as well as blogging, we can discuss/coach/train on the vast majority of social media platforms. Our service is a bespoke appraoch, tailored to individual need. So whether you don't even have a Linkedin profile or you tweet 30 times a day, we can work with you to achieve your aims. 96% of recruiters now use social media and 56% of hiring managers look at the social media profiles of interviewees before they interview them. One in four jobs is filled via social media. Many people use our service when they are undergoing executive career outplacement, following a redundancy or departure. They realise that in order to maximise their networks, position themselves and identify opportunities, social media is the way forward. In addition, 95% of employees search for their boss on social media. So many executives use us to ensure they are profiled correctly and securely. They also want to make sure they are keeping up to date with technology, so they do not lack credibility in front of their people. Whatever the reason, we offer 100% discretion, commitment and satisfaction.