EmazingGroup - EmazingLights & iHeartRaves & INTO THE AM

Since 2010, The Emazing Group has been the comprehensive ecommerce solution for passion-driven consumer lifestyle brands. With unique and innovative brands such as EmazingLights, iHeartRaves and INTO THE AM, The Emazing Group has successfully created and scaled market-leading companies, empowering a lifestyle of self-expression one individual at a time. EmazingLights.com is the international leader in premium lightshow products, selling and engineering glove sets, light sticks, poi, orbits, and apparel. EmazingLights is passionate about ushering in the future of Gloving, actively promoting this emerging underground art form by organizing Gloving competitions, workshops, and showcase events. iHeartRaves.com is the World leader in Festival Fashion and Accessories. iHeartRaves creates wildy unique Rave Clothing Outfits for Music Festivals & Beyond INTOTHEAM.com is a team of artists and creators, who share a common vision. We see clothing as a canvas to express what drives you. Since 2012, we’ve developed premium apparel that elevates self-expression and provides unparalleled comfort for wherever your passions take you.