Ebiquity plc

Ebiquity is a leading independent marketing and media consultancy. Marketing Performance Optimization Understand and improve the impact investments have on core business KPIs Media Value Measurement Drive transparency and improve media performance Market Intelligence Plan more effectively for better advertising and communications results Ebiquity currently works with over 1,100 clients in 60 markets worldwide, including 80% of the world's biggest advertisers and the major advertising agency groups. We employ over 900 people across the world. With offices and expertise in 14 countries, plus leading independent associates in other key markets. • Our media auditors utilize the world's largest cost database ($41bn pool) • We've built the largest international advertising database; 20 million creatives spanning all media and 80+ countries • We've conducted 500 effectiveness projects evaluating $16bn of marketing spend Recent acquisitions: • May 2011: Echo Research (Integrated into Ebiquity July 2013) • October 2011: Faulkner Media Management (Integrated into Ebiquity September 2014) • March 2012: Fairbrother Lenz Eley (Integrated into Ebiquity January 2013) • August 2012: FirmDecisions (www.firmdecisions.com) • August 2013: Stratigent - provider of international multi-channel analytics (www.stratigent.com) • January 2014: China Media Consulting Group (www.chinamediaconsulting.com) • March 2015: Media Value & Efficiency Elements (Iberia) • June 2016: FLE Marsh (Ireland) • August 2017: Digital Balance (Australia)