We would like to introduce that we are the manufacturer of Surgical Instruments & specialized in Neurosurgery, Vascular & Micro surgery instruments. We are producing AVM instruments employing best available material according to the application of instrument and using latest technologies.Each instrument is controlled and minuetly checked at various stages of production. We also deal in all kinds of Surgery such as GENERAL, ANAESTHETIC, CARDIOVASCULAR, GALL BLADDER, GYNAECOLOGY, GENITO-URINARY, NEURO, OTO-RHINO-LARYNGOLOGY, ORTHOPAEDIC, PLASTIC, THORACIS, NEPHROLOGY . HOSPITAL FURNITURE, IMPLANTS,ENDOSCOPIC solution for Spine etc. Our Motto is to provide world best instruments for the benefit of Mankind. We have a complete range of instruments for Neurosurgery ( Craniotomy set, Micro Surgery, Transpheniodal, Anterior Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, Transoral, Endoscopic solution for Spine), Vascular Surgery. We are supplying our instruments to premier institute of India & exporting overseas markets. In pursuit of this objective for human welfare and Doctors support we are providing the Surgical Instruments used by the experts in the Medical fraternity for performing specific actions during surgeries or operations. Over the times, these tools and Instruments have been consistently modified to reduce the trauma, make the process more efficient and improve the techniques involved.We are always looking forward to develop innovative products in collaboration with Surgeon's Fraternity,Institutions. Some of the Surgical Instruments and tools are designed for general use in surgery while others may find application in specific procedure for surgery. We are always open for the suggestion and corporation for the development & New Centers.