Augray is an Augmented Reality based platform which enhances brand value and significantly influences a consumer’s decision making process. Augray enables brands to redefine consumer experience; with informative, explorative and multi-sensory Augmented Reality solutions which combine Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology. 
 Augray aims to augment the real and virtual world with fun, educational and timely insights. It also works towards facilitating modern and trendy advertising campaigns of products and services. Brands can target their customers through this next generation AR platform and reap the benefits of high level user interaction and engagement.

 How does it work? 
• To begin with, look for Augray enabled images, advertisements, banners, catalogs, posters etc. 
• Secondly, open the app and focus on the target object for auto scan.
 • Now, you're all set to enjoy the powerful and enriched experience of Augray. Facebook--​> Twiter--​> Youtube--​> Instagram--​>