Atomic 212º Group

Atomic 212° is a creative media business. But not the kind you think. Our agency brings together technology and the creative use of media while being grounded in our core values of agility, innovation and speed.   What defines our agency? Yes, we are one of the most highly awarded agencies in the business, we are experiencing more growth than the top outfits, and we are working with some of the best clients in the country, but these do not define us. These are all the result of a very unique DNA that distinguishes Atomic 212º from the rest.   In short, we are defined by our diversity. It doesn’t seem like too long ago that three friends from art college decided there must be a better way of doing business, where staff satisfaction is front and centre and genuine performance leads everything. This was the start of our story. We began as a search performance business, but have since evolved into a diverse creative media business defined by unique skillsets, which span media, performance, technology, digital, data, content and creative. Many agencies are cut from the same cloth in Australia, because it’s the safe play. At Atomic 212º we encourage our staff to have a point of view, to stand out and be heard. We choose sides. Why do people stay at Atomic? Because no one really works for Atomic, they work for each other.