Why choose affiliaXe? We are your go-to network when it comes to making your mark in the performance marketing industry. We are a cross-platform Performance Marketing Network founded by two highly experienced online marketers, Rafael Zelik and Erez Shalev. We pride ourselves on the boundless knowledge we have acquired during our online duration and possess great passion for all aspects of online marketing, along with a vast understanding of the advertisers and publishers’ needs. With hard work and a friendly standpoint, affiliaXe maintains a global reach and strives to provide a variety of worldwide campaigns of the highest quality (including the US, Europe, APAC, and more), competitive payouts, and excellent customer service for the publishers and advertisers that partner with us. We encompass many verticals under our umbrella, with the top ones being Ecommerce / Retail, Travel & Tourism, Mobile apps, Software, Fashion, and Finance. With the growth of our network we have expanded linkage with Fortune 500 companies, and still successfully sustain solid relationships with top brands like Alibaba,, Symantec, WiX, Agoda, Avon, McAfee, and many others. Initiating fruitful partnerships have become integral to our company’s mission statement. By delivering great bottom line results for advertisers, adhering to the highest standards of quality, and fundamentally boosting publishers'​ earnings, affiliaXe has undoubtedly become a major key player.