[en] With more than 16 years experience in online advertising, Adthink is a recognized global digital advertising player. IPO since 2007, Adthink has become an expert in audience monetization, connecting millions of web and mobile users around the globe. We offer to advertisers and publishers innovative solutions with a strong technological background to monetize their audience and increase their visibility within the display advertising landscape. With offices in Lyon, Paris, Genève and Palo Alto, Adthink has a unique expertise in online advertising. As a global advertising player, we provide a Sell-Side Platform (SSP), a private Ad Exchange (PMP), a Demand Side Platform (DSP) available as a self-service, a Trading Desk, and an in-house Creative Studio. Our expertise and experience in this growing industry is making the difference for our partners looking for premium audience within a Real Time Bidding (RTB) ecosystem. Our proprietary Ad Exchange is the perfect solution to connect Advertisers and Publishers in a dynamic bidding marketplace. How can we make a difference? 1 - For Publishers: Maximize your revenue Think programmatically! Join our SSP and enter a dynamic marketplace to be connected with the entire Supply Chain of the advertising industry. Access to more than 200 worldwide advertisers. 2. For Advertisers: Be ROI focused! Increase your visibility and boost your sales with flexible payouts. We offer 100% transparency on our network and exclusive publishers. Start ad-trading with our DSP and select the right audience at the right time and at the right price. Get a free consultation now!