India is full of ingenious and resilient entrepreneurs working at the grassroots level to solve urgent social problems. But in a country of over 1.2 billion people - most with unmet basic human needs - we need solutions that scale. Action For India’s mission is to help entrepreneurs overcome barriers to scale and achieve greater impact, especially in reaching customers and clients at the bottom of the pyramid (BoP). AFI is positioned in the heart of the social enterprise ecosystem in India, offering national and regional forums, networking events, competitions and online platforms to mobilize growth resources for young social entrepreneurs (e.g. suitable technology, government contacts, impact investors.) We also seek fruitful collaborations with government, and public policy initiatives that might offer even greater scale and long term funding to innovative solutions. AFI is inspired by and formed with the support of Sam Pitroda, advisor to the Prime Minister of India and Chairman of the National Innovation Council of India.