Aura Systems

Aura is not a tech company… Aura is an Innovation company…

We take technology that we are very good at, & Your Business where you are a leader; put them together to create a new piece of art, & set new standards for the whole market to follow.

Our definition of Technology is to enable the business, and expand it to new horizons, to help business generate new revenues, & reach new customers.

Technology is here to Enlighten Businesses.

Aura Systems Cairo, Egypt
Feb 04, 2020
Responsibilities: • Create and manage campaigns on various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads, Youtube,...etc). • Produce timely analysis reports for platforms' progress. • Create and plan a variety of online advertising campaigns using different digital platforms. • Analyze and optimize existing campaigns. • Prepare media buying plans for the clients. • Optimize targeted keywords' lists & ads. • Enhance budgeting and bidding strategies. • Enhance targeting strategies. • Research keywords for new markets. • Continuously research audience persona to enhance targeting and keywords analysis strategies. • Manage bids and develop strategies to increase the effectiveness of paid campaigns. • Decrease budget & adjust bids to gain better ROI.