CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd.

  • Larnaca, Cyprus

Who we are?

CINE-BOOKS Entertainment Ltd. is the next generation publishing and book-filming company. We created a brand-new digital entertainment format — cine-book that allows to READ, LISTEN and even WATCH books. In a nutshell, a cine-book is 1 in 3: •a high illustrated e-Book with cinematic illustrations; •an audio (theatre) Book with professional voice-acting and soundtracks; •a motion (slide) Book with animations and special effects in high resolution, including Ultra HD 4K. This combination creates a completely unique kind of storytelling entertainment!

What is our goal?

Our noble goal is to create cine-books based on the world’s greatest contemporary and classics authors titles. We want to promote reading and introduce millions of people to the best pieces of world's literature in an easy & modern way!

What we do?

We are a people driven company and engage book lovers to participate in the cine-books projects selection and production support via that allows entrepreneur-minded authors & other rights holders to get the chance to convert their best books titles into the cine-book format. Cine-books can be read, listened to or watched like movies on the Amazon Kindle Fire, iPad or Android tablets, mobile devices and even on a big screen with the entire family without dropping any line from original content. The main feature of cine-books is that unlike the film adaptations, cine-books save every word, written by the author.

Opportunities for cooperation

CINE-BOOKS offers an all-in-one book-filming solution with its CINE-BOOKS production studio and a CINE-BOOKS distribution platform. We help authors and publishers to create visualized versions of their book titles, as well as distribute them to the new audience, thus creating additional revenues for the IP owners. CINE-BOOKS Platform solutions help publishing industry players to go through the digital transformation in a new creative way and to increase the audience of readers attracting the potential consumers from numerous modern media (TV series, movies, web pages, online video, music, games etc).