Aura Frames

  • New York City, NY, USA

Aura is reframing the frame, bringing together high tech and high style with a team of software engineers and hardware designers dedicated to making you smile.

Co-founders Abdur Chowdhury and Eric Jensen started pushd, Inc. with the goal of building technology that is useful, ambient, and brings people together. Applying expertise acquired from their first venture together - Summize, a real-time search engine acquired by Twitter in 2008 - Chowdhury and Jensen grew the company, building mobile apps geared towards contextual awareness. Sharing their mutual frustration over the difficulty of sending and experiencing family photos, Chowdhury and Jensen came up with a solution to a problem they encountered on a daily basis: Aura, a smart picture frame that pairs with an app to curate the photos from your phone, so you only see the best pictures of the people you care about.

ince launching in 2016, the company has grown as more people join Aura's mission to reinvent the digital photo frame. Joined by President Jonathan Harris, who brings over two decades of experience growing consumer technology companies like Jawbone and GoPro into tech giants, Aura is combining intelligent technology with imaginative design to create a new way to experience photos unlike anything else out there.