• New York City, NY, USA

Voxnest provides podcasters with business solutions for their broadcasting needs. Whether you’re looking to distribute, monetize, analyze or manage your podcast’s administration, we have it all.

Voxnest Remote
Mar 09, 2019
Full-time: Remote
Why this job is important This role is fundamental for the growth of our business. We want to create more online opportunities and turn potential users into OUR users. What you’ll learn You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a fast growing team and this requires a wide set of skills, such as relationship building, management, strategic thinking, and communication. What you’ll do You will be the front line warrior, the person in charge to bring to the products new users and convert them into customers. Responsibilities: The growth position will cover various aspects of customer acquisition including: Viral acquisition App store promotion Paid campaigns and search Database marketing You’ll be expected to work daily with our different analytics platforms and use that data to make recommendations and decisions.