• GdaƄsk, Poland

We are travellers helping travellers make what we love – travelling – less stressful! We help get compensation for airplane passengers that have experienced delayed, cancelled, and overbooked flights. As we grow, we are making the claim process much easier and faster. So come grow with us, and make the process of travel less grueling and more relaxing – as it should be!

We love new challenges! As a start-up, we’ve been through it all and thanks to this our AirHelpers have developed the skills to deal with it all, and more, all while remaining passionate about what we do – helping ordinary people – as flight delays can happen to anyone.

What helps us continuously develop, is our combination of talent and passion.

What makes us different? Every single one of our employees can make an impact on the future of AirHelp – come up with an innovative idea – and we’ll help you implement it at AirHelp. This is an experience you can gain in very few places! If you’re looking to develop new skills, make an impact on not only global business, but ordinary, everyday travelers, and take risks developing and implementing new projects – what are you waiting for? Come join us today!

With a variety of departments to choose from: tech, finance, human resources, customer service (and the list goes on!) - you don’t have to narrow your horizons, just take your pick. Pick what you’ve got a knack for, and most importantly, what you enjoy!

AirHelp, helping people fly happy today