Agency Within

  • New York City, NY, USA

Agency Within is a full service digital marketing agency. Our clients range from retail to travel to financial services. We pride ourselves on operating like an in house team. Our direct response focus means that our marketing strategies align with your internal profit goals. We are not another third party, but rather an agency embedded within your organization.

Our specialties include digital marketing strategy, customer acquisition, customer retention, marketing automation, and conversion rate / landing page optimization. Within these specialties, we manage the following channels for our clients; PPC, SEO, PLAs, Affiliate, CSEs, Display, Retargeting, Email, Social Media, App Installs & SMS.

Agency Within Long Island, New York, New York, USA
Aug 21, 2019
Agency Within is looking for an expert to direct and manage the development and execution of affiliate marketing strategy and tactics for a portfolio of clients. In this role, you will continuously do research to engage with and recruit relevant affiliates. You will proactively develop and maintain relationships – always optimizing current partners and strategizing on how to remain competitive. Collecting data from our affiliate programs, you will also translate performance data into actionable insights. Responsibilities: Proactively advancing our customer acquisition tactics and strategies across affiliate and partner channels Optimizing affiliate efforts that align with client marketing and business goals Providing recommendations to clients on affiliate marketing platforms and tools to utilize Selecting, onboarding & managing key vendors - affiliate operator and/or agencies Developing and nurturing key relationships with top affiliate partners Optimizing buys, renegotiating rates, canceling or renewing partnerships, ad buys, etc. as necessary, as well as refreshing and optimizing creative units and media placements Providing thought leadership and sharing strategic insight through clear communication (written and verbal) to internal and external stakeholders.