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Trialfacts was established in 2006 to provide specialised patient recruitment services and effective solutions to the local Australian and New Zealand clinical trial industries. Trialfacts combines it’s extensive marketing and advertising expertise with in-depth clinical trial experience to create effective marketing solutions that adhere to GCP and HREC requirements.

Trialfacts Remote
Dec 25, 2018
Full-time: Remote
Hello – we’re Trialfacts, a remote entrepreneurial company, and without us, a lot of medical research would not be possible. We’re searching for a  Paid Advertising Specialist  to help our team solve our clients’ biggest problem. If you’re looking for a position where you can  set your own hours ,  take holidays as you see fit ,  work remotely from home or anywhere in the world , and  help medical research succeed , then please read on. Today’s highly sophisticated medical system has added nearly 20 years of life expectancy, reduced infant mortality by 90% and maternal mortality by 99%. Polio, leprosy, smallpox, and tuberculosis are practically eradicated, even in the poorest countries in the world. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but a big part of what’s been achieved is due to new medications, medical devices and understanding developed through clinical research. Our clients  academic researchers and medical research organizations, are working hard to continue to develop treatments and devices, increase our understanding, eradicate sickness and improve quality of life. Their biggest challenge is spending half of their time searching for and never being able to recruit enough of the patients required for their clinical trials. Our company  Trialfacts, removes the biggest hurdle and frustration to conducting their research, by recruiting the patients and volunteers they require for their clinical trials, and many times thereby saving their research. We’re the only company in the industry to also do this in a predictable and reliable manner , by determining upfront exactly how many patients we can recruit, and backing that up with a money-back guarantee.