Propel Software

  • San Jose, CA, USA

Propel makes the Internet better. By providing best-in-class data reduction and acceleration technology, end users save money on data plans and browse the Web faster. Operators and ISPs maximize their existing network by drastically reducing the amount of data required to deliver content to their customers. The Propel 7 cloud-enabled architecture uses patented compression, caching and connection optimization to reduce data up to 80%. It works with mobile broadband, Wi-Fi, satellite, fixed-wireless, DSL, cable, and dial-up Internet access.

Propel has been used by over 40 million users in more than 75 countries. Propel's end-user software can be downloaded directly from Propel, or from one of many Operator/ISP partners, including AT&T, CenturyLink, Cincinnati Bell, EarthLink, PeoplePC Online, iG Brazil and Russia Online. The product has received critical acclaim from several leading reviewers and Internet experts from publications such as CNET ("Editor's Choice"), PC World, Washington Post, ZDNet, PC Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Silicon Valley's San Jose Mercury News.

Propel was founded in November 1999 by serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who also founded Infoseek (acquired by The Walt Disney Company), Frame Technology, developer of FrameMaker (acquired by Adobe Systems Incorporated) and Mouse Systems Corporation (a pioneer in computer peripherals).