Kavithaseoexpert marketing sets out to find you the right leads that will convert at a higher rate. We do not obsess about increasing page rankings, but over time will achieve consistently higher positions for your top keywords on Google and other major search engines. Your dedicated SEO Associate will work every month on your site, in conjunction with other team members, to leverage all our expertise and insights about what works best in your specific business vertical and geographical area.

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 kavithaseoexpert Marketing specializes in SEO for local businesses. Our team will work with you to select the most relevant keywords to target based on the services you provide. We will also be focusing on the areas where your best customers are located, and we build pages around a core set of keywords in each of those towns.



 This focus on service industry allows us to leverage the knowledge we have gained from working in these verticals by providing results to new clients at a quicker pace, spending less time learning the business and researching how to generate results and more time on tasks that will contribute to lead generation.


 Having your business listed on Google+ Places, Yelp and other business directories is vitally important in allowing potential customers to find you online. Kavithaseoexpert  Marketing will help you claim, brand and optimize these pages to make sure your business and website can easily be found online. In addition, our team will assist you in setting up Facebook and Twitter profiles, making sure that your company builds up a positive image online.


  kavithaseoexpert Marketing uses Google Analytics along with unique call tracking numbers to more accurately monitor the performance of your website. We provide our Organic Search Optimization customers with monthly reports that provide data including number of visits, calls and form submissions the site has generated. We are then able to provide our customers with an estimated return on investment, allowing them to measure the success of their SEO campaign in dollar terms.

 At  kavithaseoexpert Marketing we want you to think of us as your outsourced marketing consultant. Our goal is to provide you with a website that not only looks good but more importantly, with our Organic Search Optimization services, a marketing property that generates leads and brings in revenue for your business.


 Your Sales representative will send you a link to an online form that we ask you to complete. There are about a dozen questions requesting information about your current business site, if you have one, that will help our web design and SEO teams get to work on your campaign. For example we will need the current hosting and email records, as well as an idea about your preferred geographic service areas and product offering.



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