Spicyoffers, by Flex Multimedia

flex multimedia group is a European group that specializes in the monetization of digital audiences. Its expertise extends over all the domains of marketing including new information technologies and communications. Created in 2007, it has rapidly become a major force in the acquisition and the monetization of audiences, both over the Internet and on mobile phone networks.

The group’s head quarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland with other offices in Barcelona (Spain) Dublin (Ireland), Luxembourg and Singapore. Equally involved with international work, Flex Multimedia Group serves clients in all of the five continents.

Today, more than 50 employees enable the company to offer its services to two distinct types of customer: business customers (B2B) using the monetization solutions available to them and end users (B2C) to whom it offers directly accessible products and services through a variety of digital media.

The true power of flex multimedia resides in the value of its work ethic. It is a place where people are a key part of the business strategy, promoting both individual and collective excellence. The Group’s employees act as a well-oiled machine, whose sole purpose is to provide the best personalized solutions for each client.