Laire Group Marketing

  • Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

We are a band of creative, freethinking and passionate professionals who care about small business growth as the back bone of the American economy. When small business grows, we all prosper.

At Laire Group Marketing, we feel our job is simple in nature but complex in task: Get our partners maximum exposure by defining their ideal client, understand their buying journey, create content marketing strategies to attract more just like them, develop ways to delight and listen to them every step of the way.

By using the latest in online advertising, technology and best practices in marketing tailored to fit our clients in wide ranging industries from real estate firms to leaders in custom construction to health professionals, we install complete marketing systems to drive business growth via the web, social media and inbound strategies.

Our goal is to be the #1 chosen marketing partner solution related to inbound marketing for those we seek an alliance with.