crobo GmbH

crobo is a mobile marketing company that specializes in user acquisition and provides solutions for apps across different verticals within the digital space. With offices in Berlin and San Francisco and more than 70 employees, crobo is all about combining pioneering startup spirit with industry experience and latest technology to deliver high-quality users.

At crobo we value people who want to grow and love to take on responsibility even in the beginning of their careers. We have a saying here that a good argument always beats rank. For this idea to work, we want people who believe in themselves and are not afraid to voice their opinion no matter if they are a trainee or a department head. Are you a strong-minded team player looking for a company that offers potential to grow? Will you go boldly with us to tackle new challenges and tasks? Do you have what it takes to guide our success in the mobile jungle? Then prove it and send us over your application.