Shinez is a distribution platform for viral stories. We're focused in developing the best tools for content creators and our affiliates. is a storytelling platform that distributes entertaining and engaging stories across social media and the open web to 30-40M readers that consume 350M page views a month.

We help content creators thrive, by providing a robust set of monetization and content distribution technology. We help content creators understand who is engaging with their content and find similar readers across the web.

We are software engineers, technologist, content creators and consumers of media. With a combined 20 years’ experience as a publisher, our mission is simplify the monetization and distribution of content allowing publishers to focus on what they do best: creating content. influencer marketing platform provides opportunities for influencers of all sizes to engage with great brands and content. It’s easy to get started, and our avg. influencer generates over $1,500 a day! We’re devoted to build the best tools for our social influencers and publishers for sharing our content.