Planned Parenthood Great Plains

About us

THE WORK OF PPGP: For 81 years, PPGP has been delivering high-quality, affordable, reproductive health care services. By providing clinical services, education, training, and advocacy, it seeks to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options, and sexuality.

In order to make these ideals a reality, PPGP provides people with accurate information and access to highly trained practitioners for preventive care. PPGP’s expansion and revitalization serve to educate a new generation of reproductive health and rights supporters and promote greater access to affordable contraception, preventive treatment, safe abortion, and other critical reproductive health services.

PPGP operates twelve high-quality health centers throughout Arkansas, Kansas, the Mid-Missouri region, and Oklahoma, with a centralized call center and online appointment scheduling. The medical staff includes three board certified OB/GYN physicians who provides abortion services, as well as nurse practitioners who collaborate with physicians to provide reproductive health care, perform examinations, and diagnose and treat infections.

During 2015, our health centers provided 40,000 visits for comprehensive reproductive health services to 20,000 patients PPGP provides comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality education to more than 5,000 participants each year. Programs offer a variety of interactive sexuality education presentations to schools, churches and community groups on a broad range of topics.

PPGP is a leading advocate for reproductive rights, working tirelessly to block legislation that restricts access to sex education, contraceptives, and abortion.

To conduct more in-depth advocacy efforts, PPGP created the Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes (PPGPV), a sister corporation of PPGP organized under IRS Section 501(c)4.