ThermoWorks, Inc.

With a new 80,000 sq ft facility being constructed in American Fork, Utah; ThermoWorks is a high growth technology company dedicated to temperature instrumentation and sensors for food service, food processing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, science and industry. In addition to being the number one choice for demanding commercial users, ThermoWorks professional temperature tools are rated number one for descriminating home chefs and BBQ experts. The new Utah building will house marketing, commercial sales, consumer customer care, tech support, quality assurance, product development, a demo kitchen, training facility, warehousing, fulfillment and an advanced temperature standards lab. You will find ThermoWorks products in virtually every industry. You can find us in home kitchens where our Super-FastĀ® ThermapenĀ® has changed the cooking and dining experience of hundreds of thousands of great food lovers. You can find us in thousands of commercial kitchens across America. Hundreds of food processing plants and farming operations use our products, from dairy, to produce, to meat, seafood and poultry. Cold chain management employs our loggers and thermometers to make sure your food makes it to you in top quality and safety. This includes grocery stores and convenience markets. Many pharmaceutical makers are in our customer list. You'll also find us in road construction and repair, heavy industry, manufacturing, utilities, heating and air conditioning, plastics and rubber, research and science, as well as dozens of hobby applications.