TDI Global Ltd.

TDI Global Limited ( is a leading multinational strategic management, performance management and competency development company, with its head office in Canada. Our solutions help organizations redefine their strategy, create result-enabling systems/process, select/place the right people in the right positions, connect strategy with employees, coach and manage employees to produce at their full potentials. Our top-rated leadership development need analysis conducted in the form of standard and customized surveys and assessments have also continued to help organizations define and embed their values, core ideologies and principles within their organization. Our services have, therefore, continued to position organizations to deliver what they promised, achieve higher performance and become more competitive in the global marketplace. TDI Global Limited has also partnered with other international leaders such as Profiles International Inc, USA ( and 360 SOLUTIONS LLC, USA ( to continue to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients. Profiles International is the world leader in providing innovative assessment and employee competency intelligence solutions for selecting and developing high-performance workforce 360 SOLUTIONS provides leadership and management development training to leading companies globally. Profiles assessments are delivered in 125 countries and customized in 32 languages globally.