Red Scarf - the most popular British lifestyle hub for the Chinese Red Scarf is the most popular and trusted lifestyle hub for the Chinese community living studying and working in United Kingdom. Since 2012 and operating through our website and social media platforms, we have been inspiring and encouraging Chinese students and professionals to enjoy living more actively in the UK. Given our popularity and large audience size, we have also been instrumental in helping many international and British companies to plan and execute their online marketing and advertising campaigns to engage with their growing British based Chinese clientele. Our story The origins of our company stem from 2010 when our company founder started a personal Sina Weibo (China’s version of Twitter) aimed at being an information portal to help for fellow Chinese students living here. So why are we called ‘Red Scarf’? Since 1949, every Chinese primary school student has to wear a red scarf around their necks as part of their school uniform. Red Scarf in Chinese Mandarin is called ‘honglingjin’ and this is something that resonates with every Chinese person from mainland China. Helping you connect With any our marketing campaigns that we assist with, our objective is to ensure that your brand strategically connects with and provokes a response from our readership. We understand that no two brands are identical and in order to deliver results, a tailor made and effective campaign will be provided for you. We also offer various advertising opportunities for you to promote your brand directly on our different platforms to this very niche clientele. Contact us If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.