MakeshopNcompany, Inc. is one of the fastest developing global e-commerce companies currently operating in the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan and China. MakeshopNcompany was founded in 2007 with the support of a growing online community, called Malltail Story, where people shared a tremendous amount of information regarding online shopping. With this powerful resource, MakeshopNcompany started a shipping service called "Malltail,"​ a name derived from the community's name. With great potential, MakeshopNcompany currently serves Internet-based services to more than a million customers around the globe. Its business is centered around Malltail, a service that provides customers with a temporary overseas address and shipping services. As the #1 overseas shipping agency in the industry, Malltail continuously strives to help its customers overcome shortcomings of the international online shopping markets. In addition to Malltail, MakeshopNcompany offers online open markets and product sourcing services through 'Taillist,'​ the company's purchasing agent. MakeshopNcompany is committed to provide a powerful community resource to its partners and the best services for its customers in the online global markets that are rapidly and continuously evolving. For more information, please visit: