IPay Tech (I) PVT LTD

Building Largest Neighbourhood Etailer with out owning any shop and Inventory . Retailers now can sell any thing and every thing with out spending huge investment, time by hacking their customer relationship. We are working on bringing disruptive next generation technology, process and execution for Indian Retailers & Consumer by Re architecting the way General trade is done from order to fulfilment by retailer with out changing much at consumer purchasing behaviour. Welcome to Retail 2.0 (2013) In Retail 2.0 regular retailers such as Kirana Store can start selling any thing and every thing using technology and using our solution Business in a box. India has 40% retailers of the world i.e 11.8 Million retailers in which we aim to reach 1.25% of them to empower them with our technology to become modern hi-tech retailers. This will help our retailer to sell any thing and every thing with out investing huge amount in inventory and space. Our aim is to create billion-dollar Electronic General Trade business across India. By Empowering 1.5 lack retailers to become Hi-tech and sell more Our business model is unique we are addressing each and every stakeholder gaps by creating value for them. We have started our journey a year back believing that foundation should be strong to cater such big business. Every day we are spending time and our energy to make sure we create scalable and agile technology platform along with our culture that supports create a billion dollar business.