Mission Statement: To positively impact people’s values, beliefs and behavior through values-based entertainment programming. About Our Network INSP is the network millions of Americans turn to for high quality television programs that honor timeless, traditional values. When people are looking for television that is safe, trustworthy and embraces their values there’s one place they can find it: INSP. INSP has become one of the fastest-growing basic cable networks, available 24 hours-a-day through telcos, DBS, and more than 2,800 cable systems. INSP is advertiser-supported and Nielsen-rated. About Our Programming INSP brings America programs that entertain and consistently maintain a positive worldview. INSP is wholesome and “lunge-free TV” – meaning viewers never have to “lunge” for the remote. They can watch without worry, at any time. INSP features quality dramas and inspiring stories that celebrate the American Spirit and honor timeless traditional values.