Director of Media

  • TBF Media
  • Remote (Anywhere if you're a great fit for our team)
  • Jan 24, 2021
Full-time: Remote Ad Operations/Media Buying


TBF Media is a direct marketing firm, which produces its own brands and offers.   
We’re a 100% remote team, where high performers have the support they need to grow and succeed.
We have industry-leading offers in beauty, health, and info products.
We're long-term focused. We don't do free trials, shady billing, or other customer-unfriendly stuff to "make a quick buck".

Our combined media spend is $2M+/month on Facebook, YouTube, and Native, and a select few email affiliates.
We currently work with four agencies, and also have one internal media buyer.
Our tracking setup is solid, and we have real time GDS dashboards for all of our key metrics.
And now, we are looking for a Media Director to help us scale our digital media to new levels.
If hired, you’ll be the front-line manager: our agencies and buyers will report to you, then you’ll report directly to the owners of the business.

Your responsibilities will include...
1 - Managing all current internal, agency and ad rep media relationships.
2 - Building out our internal team, and/or building relationships with new agencies.
3 - Advising on systems buildout for tracking and reporting.
4 - Leading our weekly calls with agencies and internal buyers. Doing deep dives into campaigns, discovering opportunities for scale, and uncovering roadblocks.
5 - Sending requests to our project managers: new pixels, funnel tweaks, etc.
6 - Ensuring that all funnels are compliant and optimized for the networks they’re running on.
7 - Overseeing creative development: working with internal resources, and agencies, to regularly produce new creative.

Your success will be measured by your ability to grow sales at our ROAS targets.

This job is for you if you’ve ever thought about running your own agency, but don’t want the hassle of running a business or having to find clients! Could also be great if you have been a high-level rep, at a top ad network, and always wanted to come over to the advertiser side.

How To Apply:
Compensation is $120,000 + % of adspend - negotiable based on experience.

To apply, please send a message to

Please include your CV, and a 4-8 paragraph letter (body of email is preferred vs. attachment) about why you'd be a great fit for this role.

Thank you!

Job Level



Ideal Experience:
- You have personally run media with budgets of 10k/day or more
- You have personally run media on both Facebook, and somewhere other than Facebook (Instagram doesn’t count)
- You have personally managed other buyers or agencies.
- You have personally developed, or overseen the development of video and image creative.
- You have used tracking systems like Voluum, Thrive etc.
- You have built or helped build reporting systems such as Google Data Studio
As for personality, you...

- are extremely detail-oriented, as one must be to succeed in media
- are obsessed with media buying
- Have great people skills. You enjoy making and maintaining relationships
- Have leadership skills. You know how to hire, manage and motivate people.


About our company
As you may have guessed, TBF Media is not our real name. We all value our privacy, as well as the obscure success of our offers. No one here wants to be a guru - we simply enjoy doing our work, earning good money, and making the most of our personal lives with family and friends.

Here's what it's like to work here:
- 100% remote (before all the tech bros were doing it)
- About 25 of us on the core marketing/production/operations team
- AMAZING remote “culture” - only 1 person has voluntarily left in past 5 years
- Unlimited vacation as long as you get your job done
- For US residents: we currently offer health coverage, we're soon rolling out 401k

What Our Staff Has To Say:

“The best team I've ever with virtual or otherwise. A highly driven group, super smart and competent, passionate about personal and group performance, and supportive. It's the people you want to go to work with every day.” - COO

“Everyday, I get to watch the process of a simple idea grow into a revenue-generating monster, and learn a lot throughout the process. Also, I love the ability to work from anywhere. So far, I have worked from home, Seattle, New York City, Washington D.C., Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the list is growing!” - Full Stack Developer

“The team works hard and has fun creating and celebrating successes together, and there’s endless opportunity and encouragement for growth.” - Operations Manager

“You're not a cog in the wheel here - you can grow, build, and assist a great team towards a common goal.” - Media Buyer

“My favorite thing about working for this company is that you are continually challenged, and given the support to improve at what you do.” - Lead Project Manager

“As an entirely remote team spread out around the world, it has been a pleasure to be a part of a culture that promotes so much positivity, creativity, and willingness to help each other while working to achieve our team's goals.” - Production Manager

“Although we work from all corners of the world, this is not just a work place - it’s a tight knit community of incredible people - aka family.” - Email Project Manager

“Best thing about working here is everyone has a voice that is heard.” - Fulfillment Manager

“My favorite thing about my job is the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues. They are always super motivated and inspire me daily.” - Customer Support Manager

“It’s refreshing to work with a group of positive forward thinking individuals, who are relentless at helping each other get sh*t done.” - Tech Director

“My favorite thing about working here is that, as I see it, we're here to change lives and that applies not only to assisting our customers but also in the way the company and teams operate as a whole.” - Customer Support Brand Manager

“My favorite part of working here is the team, 100%. I really enjoy working with them, we work hard but it really doesn't seem like it as we all have fun with each other while we work, I love it.” - Front-End Developer
“Best thing about working here for me is feeling like part of a family rather than just a cog in a company machine. And knowing we're improving the lives of people all over the world. (Unless this hire could take over any of my which case: don't work here. It’s awful! :-))” - Brand Manager


Based On Experience, On-target Earnings

Minimum Years of Experience